TRUE WRESTLER’S mission is to promote the sport of wrestling and the development of wrestlers across the country. From youth to the Olympics and beyond into the professional arena of Mixed Martial Arts.

Through our True Wrestler Foundation, our active presence in the wrestling community and our unique line of wrestling gear and accessories we strive to increase public awareness of amateur wrestling in the mainstream while giving back to the sport by helping to develop and promote America’s future TRUE WRESTLER’S.

Our TRUE WRESTLER foundation was created to help those less fortunate wrestlers by allowing them the opportunity to attend wrestling camps and clinics and sponsoring them to compete at the national and Olympic level. The Foundation was also created to help wrestling associations and amateur wrestling programs meet their financial needs by hosting events and participating in the sales of our product.

TRUE WRESTLER is the first official wrestling apparel line that identifies exclusively with the wrestler and his/her extreme dedication to the sport.

At TRUE WRESTLER we know from experience that wrestling is one of the toughest contact sports physically and mentally yet it is still commercially one of the least recognized major sports. It is our goal at TRUE WRESTLER to change that fact.

At TRUE WRESTLER we are developing products and accesories that give the sport and the individual wrestler the exposure and recognition they deserve. We have a unique and attractive product line and the ability to give the wrestler, based on his/her credentials, the opportunity to market and profit from their own TRUE WRESTLER product line while increasing awareness of the sport of wrestling.

We would like to see these TRUE WRESTLERS capitalize on all their hard work and dedication and we believe this will help to develop name recognition as well as brand identification giving them the opportunity to market and promote themselves as well as the sport they love.

Everyone wears and supports clothing brands that have nothing to do with our lifestyles, our passions or the sports that we are involved in. Why not invest in and wear a brand that promotes and acknowledges the sport that you love, live and breathe?


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